316 Counseling Center offers child counseling for children 2-12. (We hope to soon offer services for infants and toddlers as well as adolescents).


We have two play therapy rooms dedicated to these children where trained therapists work with them to help them heal, give them new skills, and teach them about healthy relationships. 

Play therapy is a developmentally appropriate way to treat children using toys and the therapist (and sometimes the caregiver as well) to help the child communicate feelings and process traumatic experiences in their most natural form - play. 

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We believe in the oxygen mask theory. We recognize that we all have our own pasts to deal with, and we have created a safe and non-judgmental place to do that. 


316 Counseling Center is also a place for parents to get past their past. We have Christian counselors here to help you work through your hurts and struggles and to serve you that you might be transformed to become the parent God created you to be and the parent your child deserves.  

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We offer a variety of parenting classes both in-person and online. Dr. Welsh has developed her own parenting model that she has shared throughout the nation both with parents and with other therapists who work with parents. Please come back often to check out our latest classes!

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Dr. Welsh is an LPC Supervisor in both Texas and Colorado. She is also a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor and trains therapists who desire to become RPTs or need CE credits. She is also Assistant Professor of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Colorado Christian University. Her knowledge, experience, and authenticity set her apart from other supervisors, giving you the highest quality training. 

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Fees for Services

We are a non-profit organization and do our very best to keep our costs as low as possible for our clients. You will be asked for documentation of your household income for verification.


All fees are at the discretion of the Clinical Director.


Fees for services from Dr. Welsh and Dr. Thomas will be a flat fee of $125/hr. 

Income                        Fee per session            Income            Fee per session
$10,000 and under            $25             
$60,000-69,999        $60
$10,000 – 29,999            $30              $70,000-79,999        $70        
$30,000 – 39,999            $45              $80,000-79,999        $80
$40,000 – 49,000            $50              $80,000-89,999        $90
$50,000 - 59,000             $55              $90,000-99,999        $95
                                                            $100,000 and up       $100

The average cost of a month of play therapy services for a child is $600. Maybe your child doesn't need therapy. That's a blessing. Could you be a blessing to another child that does?