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Anne Melnick

Student Intern, CCU

(214) 449-0812

Hello! My name is Anne Melnick, and I am honored to be working with the team at 316 Counseling Center as I work on my Master’s in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. I have over two decades of experience working in the public school system. I began my career as a classroom teacher specializing with students who spoke English as their second language and ended my 26-year career as the director of the Teacher Preparation and Support Department.

I became interested in becoming a licensed professional counselor just a few years into my career in education as I often found myself drawn to students and families working through difficult transitions, mental health issues, and traumatic events. However, I chose to put our four sons through college before pursuing a career change. I loved teaching and raising teenagers and have a special place in my heart for teens and young adults. However, I also enjoy working with young children through play therapy and adults who struggle with depression, anxiety, blending families, difficult transitions, and divorce.

Through curiosity and grace, I assist my clients in healing and becoming empowered in their life. I dream of someday opening an animal-assisted therapy practice where the therapeutic use of animals will help clients find hope and healing. When I am not working, my husband and I enjoy traveling and spending time with our four adult sons. I can also be found outside seeking adventure in God’s glorious creation or scuba diving in a tropical location.

Anne Melnick
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