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Lauren Bennett

Student Intern, CCU
Children, Teens, Adults
Needs-Connection Model Clinical Provider

(214) 239-3248

Hello! My name is Lauren Bennett. I am a wife and a mom of two amazing kids, and I am a student at Colorado Christian University working towards my Masters of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. Additionally, I have a Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communications with an advertising focus (which involves a lot of psychology). I also have a fitness background.

I have been a personal trainer for the last five years. In that time, countless fitness clients have shared their stories with me and every story has had hard chapters. It is my belief that when people share their story with a curious and empathic listener things can change for the better. 

Sometimes we need to borrow hope. By God's grace, I am privileged to walk with my clients, hold their stories with care, and offer hope. It is my joy to work with children–who tell their stories through play–as well as teens and adults who want to change the trajectory of their story and experience healing and wholeness.

Lauren Bennett
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