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Please Donate

Help Strengthen Families

When you choose to donate, you are choosing to help families heal, connect, and strengthen their relationships for the glory of God.

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We believe in the healing power of the Holy Spirit for every life, no matter how broken. Your donation helps our therapists see more children, adolescents, and adults who need healing . The waiting lists for therapists around the nation are staggering. 

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families restored

We believe in the value of every life no matter how that life was created. We believe strong families are the center of a strong society and God created the family for that purpose. Our mission is to strengthen every family that walks through our doors. 

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more communities rebuilt

We believe in the need for connection to not only renew hearts and restore families, but also to rebuild community- no matter the cost. We want to train our therapists with excellence and offer our clients an affordable rate. We can't do that without your generous support. 

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